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Important: Our team is currently working on updates to our database; therefore, the database may be slow to load. If you are having any issues accessing the database, please fill out the outside scholarship policy review form. 

Higher Institutions 
Outside Scholarship Policies Database

Note: This database contains only four-year accredited higher institutions. 
Our organization will continue to update the database weekly. 

Important Information 


1) Even if a higher institution policy says it does not practice scholarship award displacement, the higher institution may practice hidden scholarship award displacement with renewal scholarships. 

2) Higher institutions' practices may not be consistent with the institution's outside scholarship policy. For example, if a school says they decrease loans first, they may actually decrease institutional scholarships first. 

3) Even if there is a law that does not mean that scholarship award displacement is over, please make sure to keep up to date on any updates on your financial aid package/the student's financial aid package. If you have any questions, please email us. 

4) Some states are not covering their state grants and scholarships in their laws or policies. Therefore, a higher institution may practice scholarship award displacement if a student receives state scholarships or grants. 

5) Many higher institutions are practicing scholarship award displacement with federal grants. 

6) Many higher institutions will practice scholarship displacement even if the student is not considered "overawarded". 

Higher Institutions that are not supposed to be practicing scholarship award displacement in the form of eliminating institutional scholarships and grants after receipt of an outside scholarship.  

*Maryland Public Higher Institutions - This law only protects undergraduate students at Maryland public higher institutions. 



*New Jersey Public Higher Institutions (Starting Fall 2022 academic year) - This law only protects students attending New Jersey public higher institutions. In February 2023, New Jersey introduced an amendment bill to expand the ban to all institutions in New Jersey.  



* Washington Public and Private Higher Institutions (Starting Fall 2022 academic year) - This law only protects students at Washington public and private universities that participate in state student financial aid programs. Note: This law does not apply to public community and technical colleges. 


*Pennsylvania Public Higher Institutions (Starting Fall 2022 academic year) - This law only protects students attending Pennsylvania public higher institutions.  



*California Public and Private Higher Institutions (Starting 2023-2024 academic year) - This law only protects students attending California public and private who qualify for the Pell Grant or state financial aid under the California Dream Act. Cal Grants are NOT covered under this law. Our organization has received several inquiries from families who have become victims of scholarship award displacement because their students received a Cal Grant. California higher institutions are eliminating institutional scholarships if a student receives a Cal Grant. We met with the California Financial Aid Commission, and they have told us they do not have the "legal authority" to tell higher institutions to stop practicing scholarship award displacement when it comes to the Cal Grant. Therefore, please be aware of this before accepting the Cal Grant. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. 

Outside Scholarship Policy Review Form

Our organization provides free outside scholarship policy reviews for students and families looking to see if a college practices scholarship award displacement. If you do not see a school you are looking for here, please fill out the private scholarship policy review form. 

Please allow 5-7 business days for us to send you the report. 
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