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Cleveland Institute of Music (OH)

Type of Institution: Private

Does this school practice scholarship award displacement?

Answer: Yes

How does this school displace outside scholarships?

Answer: "While external aid rarely affects CIM Institutional Scholarship / Grant aid, it must be included as a resource towards of total aid awarded to each student. If federal need-based aid has been awarded and federal demonstrated need (Cost of Attendance minus FAFSA EFC) has been met, loans, work-study and/or federal/state grants (in that order) may need to be adjusted, reduced, or canceled to prevent an over-award, which federal law prohibits. Total aid may not exceed total cost. Federal Pell Grant and CIM Scholarship would be the last things reduced, if necessary."

DISSCHOLARED Note: Rarely is NOT a confirmation that the outside scholarship will not impact your institutional aid.


October 25, 2023 at 8:07:23 PM

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