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What is DISSCHOLARED® Licensing? 


Our organization and team are the leading experts in the scholarship award displacement field. We have used our stories of becoming victims of scholarship award displacement to spread awareness about this practice. Our stories have inspired state and national change on this issue. Our goal is to dismantle scholarship award displacement nationwide.


Our licensing services aim to help high schools, nonprofit organizations, corporations, foundations, scholarship providers, and other entities understand the practice of scholarship award displacement. We aim to ensure that every client has the tools, policies, and procedures in place to protect their students.

Through our non-commercial licensing service, entities can receive licenses to our on-demand research clinics, training modules, reports, data, articles, and more. By supporting our program and organization, every dollar, you contribute directly fuels our mission to dismantle scholarship displacement nationwide. Your generous contributions ensure that we can protect all students from becoming victims of scholarship award displacement. 

Join our climb! 

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