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Making private scholarship policies, more transparent.™

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Did you know that universities can penalize students for winning private scholarships? 
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About Us 
DISSCHOLARED is an educational platform powered by YesSheCanCampaign, that helps students and families understand universities' private scholarship policies and the practice of scholarship award displacement. Our goal is to ensure students and families will be able to make informed college and financial decisions. 
What is scholarship award displacement?
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"Scholarship displacement, sometimes called “over-award” by colleges, can impact need-based financial aid awards in the package from their school, even if the scholarship (or scholarships) don’t cover all of their expenses."

- The Scholarship System

Note: Scholarship award displacement impacts need-based recipients. 

How do universities displace
private scholarships? 
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Some schools reduce institutional aid first. While others replace loans and work-study before reducing any institutional aid. 

Are there any states that have outlawed scholarship award displacement?
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Maryland (2017), New Jersey (2021), and Washington (2022) are the only states in the nation that have restricted scholarship award displacement at all of their public universities.

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Americans collectively hold more than $1.6 trillion in student debt.