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What is The DISSCHOLARED™ Tour? 


Our organization and team are the leading experts in the scholarship award displacement field. We have used our stories of becoming victims of scholarship award displacement to spread awareness about this practice. Our stories have inspired state and national change on this issue. Our goal is to dismantle scholarship award displacement nationwide.


The DISSCHOLARED tour aims to educate students, families, schools, community-based organizations. nonprofit organizations, foundations, and scholarship providers about scholarship award displacement.

Our tour options include our DISSCHOLARED Clinics and DISSCHOLARED Workshops. 



DISSCHOLARED Clinics: Our organization facilitates a scholarship and scholarship award displacement prevention training. In addition, to facilitate impact workshops where participants can learn how to use their passions to spread awareness about scholarship award displacement. All participants receive community service hours. 

DISSCHOLARED Workshops: Our organization facilitates a scholarship and scholarship award displacement prevention training and workshop. 

We will host the tour virtually and in-person. 

Our first tour locations are New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On June 1, 2023, tour applications for schools, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, and small-size scholarship providers in New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will open. If selected, as a tour location, all entities will have to sign a tour agreement as well as submit a non-refundable booking fee to reserve your spot. All other expenses associated with our organization facilitating the tour are paid for by our organization and sponsors. 

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